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20 October 2015

5 Wedding Lighting Ideas That Are Magical

Every detail about your wedding can make a huge difference – and your lighting is not even by far the least important one of these details. What are the best wedding lighting ideas for your wedding day? We have gathered 5 of the most magical ones – so read on if you need a bit of inspiration.

Michael Anthony Productions Purple Up Lighting and Accent Lighting Saxon Manor Shabby Chic Barn 2

  • Soft pastel lighting. Want to add a bit of charm and a pop of color to your entire wedding décor? Pick a soft pastel lighting to “bathe” your venue in. It will look so beautiful!
  • Your wedding monogram. Want to show the world how great your signature as a couple looks? Project it with a high quality piece of equipment and decorate the wall above you with it. This will add personality to your wedding décor.
  • Blue lights. Planning a Winter Wonderland wedding? Then choose blue lights to create a truly “icy” atmosphere at the wedding. Even if all of your décor items are plain white, the blue lights will change their appeal into something so magical!
  • Silver elegance. Add silver lights and décor to your wedding venue and it will make it feel timelessly elegant. Works marvelously with ballroom weddings inspired by the fairy tales!
  • Fun club lights. Want to bring the party into your wedding reception? Talk to your vendor about creating a fun game with the lights, so that you create the perfect atmosphere for dancing. Your guests will definitely love allowing themselves to feel really great!

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