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30 November 2015

4 Fun Wedding Entertainment Ideas You Haven’t Heard Before

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Providing your guests with high quality entertainment is an absolute must if you want your wedding to be madly unforgettable. To help you search for unique ideas on how to keep your guests happily entertained, we have gathered 4 of the most unique options out there – so read on if you need some inspiration.


  • Get married in a Zoo and have your guests be allowed to pet some of the animals there. Now, that’s completely unforgettable, especially if the guests will be allowed to pet unique animals too (such as baby alligators, for example).
  • Have a game room for the kids. If you have invited a lot of kids at your wedding and if you want them to be as happy as their parents are, organize a fun game room for them. Video games, ping pong and coloring books shouldn’t miss out, as these are some of the favorite activities for the little ones.
  • Dance lessons. It may seem that a wedding is not the place to take dance lessons, but the truth is that this can turn into a hugely entertaining moment. Bring in a dance instructor to show your guests a simple, but fun dance they can do together and they will definitely love your idea.
  • Bring  food truck. If the space allows you to do this, bringing a food truck can be a really fun addition to your wedding. You don’t have to limit your wedding menu to what is offered from the truck, as you can have it as a late-night snack provider too.

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