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22 January 2016

3 Reasons to Want a Videographer for Your Wedding

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Photography was invented to help us with those special events in our lives – the ones we truly want to keep alive in our memory. But why is it that so many brides and grooms choose to hire both a photographer and a videographer? What are the benefits of having these two professionals at your wedding – and, maybe even more importantly, what are the main differences between the two types of services?


Read on and find out more.

  • A photographer can capture static moments at your wedding. He/she will be great at shooting portraits and impromptu pictures that capture a fraction of a second. And while these photos will surely look beautiful, hiring just a photographer also means that you are missing out on all those amazing live moments only a videographer can help with. For example, where a photographer will only be able to capture your Maid of Honor giving her flawless speech, a videographer will record every single second of that speech and “archive” this moment for the decades to come.
  • If you have guests who couldn’t make it to the wedding, it would be a wonderful idea to send them a video of your Big Day. Sure, you can send them plenty of photos – but a video will make them feel part of the magical moments (such as when you say “I Do”, when you have your first dance, when you cut the cake, and so on).
  • Some of you may be worried that a videographer will not do anything else than “record” the entire wedding from A to Z. However, that is completely not true (or at least it isn’t with modern videography). A great specialist will record the most important moments of the Big Day and put them together in a beautiful, artistic movie where you, your spouse and your VIPs are the main characters.

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