21 December 2015

The Ultimate Country Music Wedding Playlist

Country weddings are really fun and they can make for memories that will truly last a lifetime. However, you should be very careful with how you choose your playlist for a country-inspired playlist – especially since you will have to strike the perfect balance between actual country music and more modern songs. How to do... Read More
14 December 2015

4 Secrets to a Fun Wedding Reception

If you are like most of the brides and grooms in the world, you want your wedding to be unforgettable. You want your guests to have the time of their lives, you want yourselves to really celebrate and you want all the details of the Big Day to be flawlessly brought together. In the end,... Read More
07 December 2015

5 Winter Themed Reception Lighting Ideas

Winter-themed weddings may not rank in the top of the brides’ preferences – but the truth is that they can be absolutely amazing and elegant. If you plan on having your very own uniquely beautiful winter wedding too, make sure you choose lighting that is spectacular from all points of view. This way, even a... Read More
23 November 2015

Elegant Ballroom First Dance with Fog

Your First Dance is a magical moment. It marks the beginning of your wedding reception and the beginning of your life as husband and wife too. In one way or another, it is one of the most beautiful ways to “portray” the amazing love you have for each other. Why would you go for a... Read More
26 October 2015

Wedding Songs for Your Parent Dances

Your wedding is such a special moment in your life! And although you and your future spouse are definitely the center of attention, remember that your parents will be just as nervous and happy as you are too. This is precisely why offering them a special Parent Dance is worth all the effort. What are... Read More